• My coffee tastes like candy
  • Write ALL the lists (then complete!)
  • Lifelong Chatty Cathy (no really, my middle name is Catherine)
  • B-Y-O-Cats
  • Someone bring me a sandwich too
  • And if you could bring it to me at Hobby Lobby, that'd be great!
  • Proud hot-sauce-lovin Texan
  • Something something #momlife

In the event of lost coffee, check the microwave. Or the bathroom because that's where all moms hide.

Gardening, cooking, yoga, and anime (though I'm usually distracted during all of it) Oh, and long unaccompanied trips to target.

Celery, Reading and Breaking Bad (there, I said it, now you know)

Hands of Hollis | Fine Art Stationery + Design | Dallas, Texas

I'm Hollis.

Hands of Hollis | Fine Art Stationery + Design | Dallas, Texas
Hands of Hollis | Fine Art Stationery + Design | Dallas, Texas

This is my creative space. I’m a mom of two that married her high school sweetheart and mostly runs on way-too-sweet coffee, coca cola and cold food. I’m an avid list maker, Hobby Lobby enthusiast, not-so-secretly veeery into anime and if you don't stop me, I will sit and chat your ear off for hours. (Seriously. Ask anyone who knows me.) If I could, I’d take home every stray cat I see on the street. Oh, and when you leave a dresser or table on the side of the road, you can bet I’ll be there trying to stuff it into my trunk with visions of chalk paint and wax sealers dancing in my head. 

Most days you can find me in my backyard tending to my plants or at my crafting table transforming paper into something more. And let’s face it, you’d probably also find me in the kitchen because I have two kids that could seriously eat all. day. long. 

A little background about me. I'm a proud, hot-sauce-lovin Texan through and through. Grew up here, went to college here, and I'm raising my family here. You couldn't pay me to leave! My husband and I met through our high school choir. I know, cute, right? It was our senior year. I was a soprano and he was a drummer in our school's show choir. (Blackmail worthy photos to come later!) As luck would have it, we were also both planning to attend the University of North Texas, so our new love was able to grow into the marriage plus two kids plus three cats that it is today. 

My field of study at UNT concentrated on Journalism, specifically Advertising, Marketing, and Branding. Not art! Oh and French for what it's worth. (Turns out, not much!) I thought I wanted to be this amazing Ad writer - creating commercials and working in tall skyscrapers. It's funny how your brain thinks it knows what you want but your heart lets you feel what you need. Your energy is what brings it all together. Studying those fields gave me an edge in my business, sure, but my heart has made it clear that I am creative, not a business woman.

I love bringing joy and laughter to those around me, always helping a friend in need and teaching my children to do the same. I mean, we are all in this great big world together, and I think it could use a heck of a lot more kindness and compassion. I also love doing yoga and truly believe in the power of mindful meditation. 

Being creative and sharing that creativity with others is something that I am most passionate about. Through growing my business I have learned that the power of collaboration is what fuels my fire. I love my business but even more I love the community and comradery that it brings.

Plus after momming all those years, it was time to find myself again. For years, I've worn my highest title with pride. But now it's time to focus on someone else. Someone I haven't seen in a while. Someone my high heels haven't seen in awhile. It's time to step into the light, stop talking about starting a business and start actually doing it. 

Hands of Hollis | Fine Art Stationery + Design | Wedding invitations in Dallas, Texas