What exactly is fine art stationery?

So to really kick off my blog, I thought a good jumping off point would be to explain my side of what it means to create Fine Art Stationery for the wedding world. Much like a Fine Art Photographer, my aim is to create thoughtful and modern design that pushes the envelope for wedding stationery. (So sorry for the obvious paper pun, there!)

What exactly is fine art stationery and custom wedding invitations from Hands of Hollis in Dallas, Texas

First and foremost, this is not just an invite and a response card rattling around inside a thin white envelope. Fine art stationery comes chock full of handmade touches that wow at every turn. It's time to think of all the bells and whistles you can imagine. It could be coordinating envelope liners, handmade paper, wax seals, folios, unique belly bands, the list is endless! When you stop thinking about your wedding invitations in the traditional role of your wedding and start thinking of ways to really give your guests an idea of what's to come on your wedding day, you enter the realm of Fine Art Stationery.

Photography by Peaches with Honey

Photography by Peaches with Honey

Photography by Peaches with Honey

Photography by Peaches with Honey

Wanna know the best part? It's SO much fun coming up with new and innovative ways to invite your closest circle to your big day. I've said this before, but I wanna get to know you and your paper love (and let yours get to know mine!) Wedding invitations can be a big undertaking, especially when the options seem endless. With infinite kinds of papers, mats, styles, and production options, it can be overwhelming. But because your wedding invitation is the first thing your guests will see, it needs to be perfect! And that's where I come in!

You see, I've spent a lot of time (and I mean, a LOT of time!) scouting and petting some of the prettiest papers. I've had so much fun doing it that now I want to share that excitement with those who'd plan the most spectacular weddings. Your invitation suites don't have to be one size fits all, so there's nothing I love more than a bride (or groom, let's be real here) that's willing to stir up some crazy new idea for their wedding stationery.

Which brings me to another point, Fine Art Stationery does NOT have to mean handpainted flowers and calligraphy. Now, I'm 100% not knocking stationers who provide those services! I adore the work of calligraphers and painters; it's just not something I'm prepared to bring to the table. My designs can sometimes have a bit of masculine flair to them with bold typography and a darker color palette. I like to make atypical wedding invitations and sometimes that means going down a path of androgyny.

Not everyone is looking for girly paper goods for their wedding and that's okay! I find that more and more men want a say in their wedding invitations. Most of the time when we talk about wedding planning it's "bride this, bride that" which I'll give you, is true most of the time. But for those grooms looking for something that resonates with them, I invite you to the world of custom fine art stationery. I think you will find exactly what you're looking for.

Hands of Hollis Fine Art Stationery + Design Wedding Invitation Suite
Photography by  Anna + Mateo

Photography by  Anna + Mateo

I want you to think of your wedding stationery like your wedding day's brand, if you will. All of the pieces are equally necessary to creating the atmosphere of your big day. And when every piece is custom and coordinated with thoughtful and cohesive design, including matching save the dates, thank you cards, and even day-of pieces like menus, place cards, table numbers, seating charts, welcome bags, or literally any other piece of paper your wedding guests see are thoughtfully planned out, it all contributes to an unforgettable day. A day where every little detail makes the biggest difference.

Custom wedding invitations from Hands of Hollis in Dallas, Texas

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By Hollis Boutique, Dallas, Texas

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