What I learned from my rebrand: it's time for some #realtalk

Ok so if you've followed me for a while, then you know I started talking about my rebrand in late 2017. That's right. A solid 7 months ago I decided that my original hasty branding wasn't cutting it anymore. Today I'll share with you why I made the decision to rebrand myself and where the journey of the last several months has taken me.

Custom Wedding Invitations from Hands of Hollis in Dallas, Texas and what I learned from my rebrand.

Over the first year and half of my business, I learned a lot! Mostly I learned who my girl is and what kind of brand she's looking for. I also learned that my own brand wasn't really in line with that new vision. BTW I'll save you the trouble of a TL;DR situation: I did complete my own branding, saving myself hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars BUT it took months longer than expected and the entire process was fraught with second guessing and indecision all the way. In the end, I feel like I was just too close to complete it in a timely manner. It was like this never-ending rabbit hole of "mood boards" that looked so much better than mine.

Custom Wedding Invitations from Hands of Hollis in Dallas, Texas

I will say though that I am *in love* with my new branding, and I'm proud of myself for creating and committing to this redesign! I'm still sneaking every bit of it into my site, print collateral, and my social media but it is done. There's meaning and intention behind every decision and element you see.

At the beginning of the year began the planning - arguably the longest phase because this part forces you to examine every aspect of your business. Your why, your how, your WHO and WHAT! It's just not a pretty logo. It's this all-encompassing characterization of your business. Like if you were a pattern, what would you be? What about if you were a series of colors? Apparently I'm cracked stone lazily adorned with gold flakes because that's where the process led me. Btw, I read this awesome book that really helped me find direction. It's aptly named, "How to Style Your Brand" by Fiona Humberstone and I highly recommend it if you plan on going it alone.

My big picture came from this idea that winter is coming to an end and the first signs of spring are starting to emerge. Everything is still relatively dead and neutral, but the signs of life are there! Bare branches soon show foliage, and while small and frail at first, it is a sign of what's to come. A new beginning.

Custom Wedding Invitations from Hands of Hollis in Dallas Texas

Now, again, if you've been hangin around HoH for a while then you know that gardening is a huge part of not just my life, but my husband's and our children. Everyday we are toiling, elbow to elbow, in our garden. We care for our trees, our fruit-bearing plants, and our flowers. I tried so hard to stay away from leaves and flowers for my rebrand because it's so freaking popular. But in the end, it's just what suited me. It's what suited my business. A conclusion, no doubt, that if I'd hired a professional would have been drawn much sooner.

The indecision is what almost killed me. See, I've designed brands for others. I've made logos and social media templates and print collateral. Sometimes, when creativity is at its strongest, the big idea behind some of those brands came in just a single day. But for myself? That never happened. I waffled back and forth between color palettes, patterns, stock imagery, you name it. I couldn't decide. Fonts. OMG fonts. Never have I hated fonts as much as when I was rebranding my business. The road blocks seemed never-ending!

Are you beginning to sense the moral of the story? Just save your nickels and dimes and hire a professional to do your branding already. I don't even want to think of the hours lost on this project. It turns out, I am my own worst client! I am slow to commit, indecisive, unsure, and constantly a victim of comparison. I also went way past my own deadline - something this former newspaper employee legit hates.

Just do the math, save up, and get your branding done the right way. Though you still shouldn't expect it to be done instantly, it will free you up to do what actually moves and motivates you. That way you can focus on the decisive clients that are paying you in actual money and not that b**** who can't decide which serif looks better when we all know, at the end of the day, no one but you can see the difference.

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