Mystery Card 3-Pack!

Hands of Hollis Mystery 3 Pack of Cards Handmade in Dallas, Texas.
Hands of Hollis Mystery 3 Pack of Cards Handmade in Dallas, Texas.

Mystery Card 3-Pack!


What does that even mean, you might be wondering?!

Well, I always have tons of leftover paper, so I thought why not give you guys a great deal? Add this Mystery 3-Pack to your cart and get the 3 prettiest cards on the pile of extras! (Envelopes are included, of course!)

No guarantees on what collection they'll come from. They may not all be the same size. They may have never even been listed on my shop before! That's what makes it a good mystery. Happy hunting!

**Again, the actual 3 pack you receive may or may not be picture here!**

No more than 2 per order, please.

Shipping Details:
All sets will be packaged in a protective cardstock box. If you purchase multiple sets, they will be packaged in separate cardstock boxes within the same shipping box. All cards and sets are shipped via USPS with tracking when available.


Please keep in mind this stationery is completely handmade thus may lack the uniformity you might find with mass produced cards and stationery. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and delicately made from my studio in Dallas. 

☛ Feel free to contact me for custom orders if you don't find what you're looking for! I love making personalized cards!

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